About Shirley

Me… Entrepreneur, community builder and family of five (3 children). Plus raising an international sports medalist special needs son, who needs 24/7 care and functional non verbal. Struggles are real but the end results after thirty years? A SUCCESSFUL AND GRATEFUL LIFE. It was once my wish for someone of similar experience to show me how to go through these obstacles (which I have overcome bit by bit) when I was down. Now I have the opportunity to fill in that role, an inspirational role.

Struggles of trying to put food on the table, staring of strangers when my son melt down at shopping malls, bringing up siblings of the special needs son and maintaining a healthy marriage. I understand these challenges. My desire now is to share with you my experience, inspire and help you to achieve the dreams that you have always wanted for yourself with or without special needs. Experience has shown that in the face of our challenges and adversity, our attitude can change the course of our destiny. I want to be part of your positive change.

Shirley ~the woman who never give up~

Everybody is precious. You deserve to have someone that are can understand what you are going through and help you navigate towards a the clearer direction. Whether for personal growth or special needs family, you don’t have to do it alone. I want to help you to move forward. Feel free to connect.